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When you ask someone about coding, most people envision a person in a darkroom in front of a computer, their glasses illuminated by the blue light emitted by their screen, and typing rapidly on their keyboard.

They think that you have to be a genius at math to learn the language, have a high IQ to enter the profession, or go to a university to master the ropes. Well, that last one is partly, eh, mostly, true. But we’ll get to that. Hello! And welcome to Fistfull of Codes.

The first two paragraphs you’ve read above are common misconceptions regarding coding. Yes, we do type rapidly and our glasses does indeed glow with that somewhat eerie, yet badass, bluish glow.

But we don’t sit a darkroom working on our code. Think of your eyes!

We’re no math geniuses – well, some of us are, but not this guy. We don’t have a ridiculous high IQ –again that’s just me. And not all of us went to a university. For some of us it started as a hobby. We just woke up one day and wham! We’re employed.

That’s our thing here. We’re all about coding. We debunk myths; write about the latest hoo-haw regarding our line of work, and just about everything that involves codes.

We try to inspire others to join our ranks, ‘cause frankly, there are a few of us out there.
It’s fun creating codes. That elating feeling you get when it runs smoothly. That you solve a problem you’ve been pulling your hair for several days now. It’s just wonderful.

We try to give advice to our readers. It may not be the best advice, but we try to make it so.

You might ask “What’s in it for you?” Well, we like coding and we like talking about it, for one thing. We also like helping people out. We know what it’s like being stuck in the middle of a problem. It’s frustrating; it ruins your day, and just awful.

So we’re here to lend a helping a hand. It might take a day or two for us to respond, but believe us that we will.
Oh, and don’t worry about us getting too technical on our pieces. We understand that there might be novices that’ll stumble on this site. We’ll try to make everything concise and clear to get our point across.

If you’ve made it this far with our rambling then thanks for sticking it out. We hope to see you around more often, and we’re looking forward to any questions you might have. Express your concerns by using our contact page.

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