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Digital Youth’s New Course To Help Kids With Their Coding

Digital Youth’s New Course to Help Kids With Their Coding

It’s always been a challenge to encourage kids into learning how to code. There are a few out there who doesn’t need prodding when it comes to coding, to be sure, but they rare and is part of the minority.

Getting them started is the easy part. Getting them interested is the real roadblock. You have to understand that the attention span of a child isn’t as strong as that of someone, say, in the college level. So teachers often integrate play and learning together – a technique that has been proven time and again if implemented correctly.

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Self-Deleting Text Messages – New Level Of Mobile Technology

Self-Deleting Text Messages – New Level of Mobile Technology

There have been a number of high profile stories in the press recently involving errant private text messages of celebrities. According to research published by the IntoMobile website, Americans sent 1 trillion SMS texts in 2008.

With about 3.5 billion SMS text messages sent every day in 2008, the math works out to each and every American wireless customer sending 13 messages per day.

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