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If you want to take media out of your Coppermine Photo Gallery and display it on your website, in your forums, in RSS feeds, or many other ways – CpmFetch is the right tool. CpmFetch has been endorsed by (at least some of) the Coppermine Photo Gallery developers and has been recommended over other ways of accessing CPG. In other words, this tool can facilitate the process of retrieving images and multimedia to a significant extent, and users who have tried out this software have all given it positive reviews.

Development Process

Coppermine Photo GallerySince mid-2004 I have developed CpmFetch as a hobby and as my way of giving back to the CPG community. I like to think CpmFetch has become simpler, yet much more powerful as time went on. Just like any other product or piece of software, time is the ultimate judge, and this tool has indeed stood the test of history. Constant work has paid off, and the tool is now easy to work with and provides much better user experience than in its early stage.

The primary CpmFetch is an object that you need to code some basic PHP to use. I have also included utilities I have written that use CpmFetch to produce RSS feeds, return single images and more. This tool is not designed for complete newbies to the world of PHP and HTML, and web servers require some degree of knowledge after all. With that in mind, the users of this software will have to know a thing or two about these concepts, and they will also be required to follow guidelines and instructions.

How To Improve CpmFetch

I want you to expand CpmFetch – the most power can be gotten by those that use it to return data and then process it themselves. You can do almost anything at that point. Indexing and organizing photos can be highly beneficial for the traffic of your website or page, and Google Image Search can be a valuable ally if your play your cards right. Of course, before installing and using CpmFetch, you need to consider some essential elements, such as hosting and management of your software.

How To Improve CpmFetchAs we all know, photos and other types of multimedia files can be a proper nuisance, and they can cause a lot of headaches and frustration if they are not organized in the appropriate manner. That is why CpmFetch can facilitate this process with incredible efficiency, and among its most prominent features are the tool for arranging pictures, automatic thumbnail creation, and so on. Also, this tool can be of great help when you need to customize your gallery, i.e. to display your images on external PHP or HTML locations.

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