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Digital Youth’s New Course to Help Kids With Their Coding

It’s always been a challenge to encourage kids into learning how to code. There are a few out there who doesn’t need prodding when it comes to coding, to be sure, but they rare and is part of the minority.

Getting them started is the easy part. Getting them interested is the real roadblock. You have to understand that the attention span of a child isn’t as strong as that of someone, say, in the college level. So teachers often integrate play and learning together – a technique that has been proven time and again if implemented correctly.

Minecraft and Coding

Yes, it’s that digital lego-like game again taking the spotlight.

This isn’t the first time Minecraft has been used for educational purposes. In fact, there’s a site called MinecraftEdu dedicated solely for kids to help them learning various concepts.

From engineering, physics, arts; developing skills in communication, teamwork, and creativity – the list seems endless. Even the Australian government is using this game as a medium to reach out to their younger population by organizing a competition wherein participants are instructed to design their “perfect natural park.”

So what is this new thing about Minecraft and coding?

It’s a new online course called Server Design 1 created by Youth Digital, a tech education company that teaches kids how to code, make apps, and help cultivate their 3D modeling skills.

What makes this engaging is that kids are able to create their own world without limitation. While this is already the concept of the game, those that are adopting the course will be able to add things thanks to the programming interface.

This interface will be available for $250 dollars that will last for a full year. The fee will cover the curriculum, tools, and hosting services made by Youth Digital, and will help the kids create their own world, characters, and scenarios on their own.

Ten year old Ronan, an early subscriber of the course, expressed his delight with the overall experience of Server Design 1. “I can turn a blank screen into a playground,” he added.

Do Games Really Impact Learning?

If you’re a parent reading this piece then you might be skeptical to the efficacy of the “game” method Youth Digital is using. Well, rest assured that is indeed effective.

There is a long history of correlation between games and learning.

What make games one of the best tools for teaching has been pointed out earlier in the article: it’s immersive and fun.

In 2010, the University of Colorado Denver School found out that people trained using video games do their jobs far more effectively, has higher skill levels, and retains information better than those who were trained with traditional systems and in passive environment.

This is because learning isn’t about repetitious memorization, but acquiring and developing the thought process on how to respond to a certain situation when under pressure.

One example of a game helping someone on a professional level is a short story about a guy praised by his superiors for being able to delegate tasks competently when asked to step-up for a company project. When asked where he learned such skill, and why he hasn’t placed it in his resume, the guy simply answered “I was raid leader in World of Warcraft for years.”

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