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Great beauty can be found by simply having the right mindset and taking the time to gaze about you and appreciate it. Once you can do this, then you will be less dependent on material things and others to make you happy. Well, that is my theory anyway.

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I figured I may have some neat photos of places… So here they are. I will be reviewing my old collection and moving forth with more as time allows.


Night Photography

Getting workable photos in very dark situations is not as easy as one might think. Unless you just want the foreground you can not use a flash. If you don’t have a flash, a tripod is a must. Sometimes you can get away with holding the camera on something or bracing your arms.


The Ever Changing Sky

I’ve taken a liking to clouds lately. I don’t know why, but I can always look up and get some amount of joy by appreciating the white on blue of the clouds. I’ve gotten some good photos of clouds and hope this will lead others to spend a bit more time looking skyward and being happy.

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